Elevating a beloved author

Allison Fallon, a beloved author and speaker, is passionate that all people are writers. From her time ghostwriting books for prominent figures, she’s made a name for herself by drawing out the unique and complex stories in all of us.


Creative Direction
Brand Identity Design
Print Design
Website Consulting
Digital Marketing
Packaging + Production

This year, she moved from Nashville to LA and in doing so rethought many aspects of her business. Frustrated with the “influencer model” of most successful authors, she wanted to build a brand that focused more on her team and the great work we can make together as a community. From in-person workshops, self-guided writing content, to fully custom 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Find Your Voice helps writers (aka EVERYONE) tell their story.

What We
Simply put - we created a visual north star for her brand. Something her whole team could point to and say yes, we’re going THERE and here’s the visual language we’re going to use to propel us. From the very beginning, we worked with Ally to strategize and understand the ins and outs of this major shift in her business, creating their key audience personas and Find Your Voice values. We translated those values into specific colors, typography, photography style, and pattern. Since doing so, we’ve been able to easily apply these decisions to dozens of print and digital products.


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