Meets Fit

Beloved Nashville fashion brand, BROWNLEE puts a premium on unique patterns, performance fabrics, and one hell of a good looking fit.


Creative Direction
Print Design + Production
Named after founder Christina Currey’s grandfather, BROWNLEE takes inspiration from their summers spent in Southampton, NY. Currey noticed there hadn’t been much of an evolution in menswear and imagined a world where they didn’t have to sacrifice style for a truly comfortable fit.

What We
This growing fashion brand has a huge personality in the digital space. But when it came to print there was a big gap between who they are and how they were presenting themselves in-person. Specifically, how to tell the story of the brand in a meeting, with a potential brand partner, or new stockist. This lookbook gives them an easy entry point to share the inspiration behind the brand and quickly give folks a sense of their style and values.


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1210 7th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37208